My Personal Testing Values

As I am currently going through a transition in my career of moving companies for the first time since i got a graduate position 12 years ago, it has really become clear to me how important it is to have personal values not just for your life as a whole but equally for your work life. Having values which act as indicators that something needs to change is a way of knowing when and how to adapt, if you need to.

It was these exact values which kicked me into gear with the career change. I wasn’t living by my working values any more and something therefore needed to be changed.

I in fact have two sets of values which I try and follow for work:

  1. My Testing Values
  2. My Leadership Values

This post will focus on my testing values. I will provide a later post which looks at the leadership values. So what are these values which I hold so close? Let me try and give some detail around my thoughts:

    Testing is A Mindset – I’ve learned this more as I started having to hire testers, but not everyone is cut out for testing. It may be true that anyone can test, but it takes someone with the right mindset to test deep and test well.
    Testing Isn’t just identifying and executing scenarios – Testing starts with the questions, with the probing and the digging for information. Ultimately, the results of testing is providing information to the decision makers, we should not be responsible only for a list of pass/fail results, we have so much more to offer.
    Testing starts as a project starts – We should be involved in conversations at a start of a project, we shouldn’t be left to piece together requirements at a later stage. We should be involved (where possible) in assisting to form the requirements and putting them through their paces before any code is written.
    100% of Testing being automated should never be a consideration – If I see one more LinkedIn thread on this topic, I will explode. I maybe need to be more open minded somehow, but I can only see automation as a tool to aid a tester, not to replace them. It should be a single tool in a testers toolkit, not someone’s entire toolbox. Good automation also does not just run a series of test cases which would otherwise have been run manually, it can (and should) do so much more.
    Test Team and/or Testing is valued as highly as other disciplines within a team/organisation – For a long time, I had worked in teams where Testing was seen as the second class citizen in the room. Time for testing was shrunk because the true value testing provided was never given chance to be shown. It’s a case of making awareness of testing a part of our role. All project team members should know what they are getting from testers and there should be the same respect and time given to testing as there is to writing the product code or operationalising it.

So those are what I try to ensure my testing work aligns to and as I took on a leadership role in testing, i have always tried to ensure my team are aware of these values and how they can improve their focus and work based on these

Would love to hear feedback on these. As mentioned before, I will do another post on my leadership values…


London BUPA 10km

I am running the BUPA London 10km Race on May 30th and I have chosen to raise money for MENCAP.

Having grown up with my sister Amy who has Asperger’s, and living with my fiancee Heather who is a teacher who has worked with children like Amy, MENCAP has always been a charity close to my heart. The work they do to aid children and adults with learning disabilities is amazing. I know from times spent with Amy and her friends that these people deserve the best and Mencap can certainly help to make their lives more rewarding.

So this run has given me the chance to raise money for a great cause and also get into shape for mine and Heather’s Wedding in August!

So, if you can, please dig deep and donate.

Thank you


Hello World!

As with everything, we have to start somewhere. I am going to use this platform to discuss my thoughts on a range of technical topics. Whether that be software engineering process or my woes with tools.

Ever since I started my career just over 4 years ago as a CyberCrime researcher to the cross roads I find myself at now, I have discovered so much and learnt even more. I didn’t know what Scrum or Agile meant, I had only written simple perl and C++ applications and I hadn’t touched anything other than a windows OS. Life seemed so much simpler back then but I wouldn’t change anything for the world now!